A Handbook To The Security Solutions By Omaha Security Solutions

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A handbook to the Security Solutions by Omaha Security Solutions

With a spike in the rate of crimes and break-ins, the importance of having a good security system is only increasing. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options when it comes to security systems and the professionals that provide them. But, when it comes to choosing the right security provider, making a decision can become a challenge. For reliable smart home automation and a security system, it is important that you hire a security company with experience and a good reputation.

At Omaha Security Solutions, we possess the required experience and have a great standing in our community. Moreover, we are more than just a security company. From high-definition cameras looking at all angles of your property to motion-activated floodlights and doorbell units that provide video and two-way voice, we have all the security solutions you need. Our goal is to keep you, your loved ones, and your assets safe while making sure that we are meeting and exceeding your expectations.

To learn all about what we have to offer, we have put together a handbook to the security solutions we provide. Keep reading to see some of the incredible security products we have to offer.

1. Cost-effective, high definition Wi-Fi cameras with video analytics

Video analytics enable you to get smarter video alerts on what matters most to you. It actively detects and distinguishes between people, animals, and vehicles to reduce nuisance alerts. Combined with new virtual tripwires and fenced-in activity zones, you can enhance perimeter security and gain more insight into activity at your home or business. Once a person, vehicle, or animal is detected, you receive an alert with a thumbnail image of what was caught on camera. You control what should trigger a video alert and what can be ignored.

For example, when a:

a. Person enters your yard at night, but not animals

b. Car pulls into the driveway, but not when it drives past

c. Pet gets on the sofa, but not when it walks around the room

d. Person loiters on the porch, but not when mail is delivered

Special features

More clips and reduced support intensity: The Pro Video with Analytics package includes 3,000 video clips per month. That’s three times more than most other service plans.

Reduced false alerts: Video analytics helps reduce nuisance alerts and false notifications from shadows, rain, and other non-actionable motion.

Automated lights: You can deter unwanted visitors from approaching your property by having lights turn on when a car, person, or animal is detected by the security camera.

Best-in-class technology: Cutting-edge technology and machine learning provide the most advanced smart home and business security.

Compatible cameras: Pro Video with Analytics 3000 is currently compatible with the following cameras:

a. ADC-V515

b. ADC-V723

c. ADC-V622

2. Advanced door entry control

When you use our advanced video doorbell with a smart home security system, you get notified when an event happens and can communicate and interact in real-time to do many things!

Our video doorbell call navigation works like this: 

a. You can tap Talk to have a conversation. There is no need to push to talk and then release to listen.

b. After initiating the call, Talk is replaced by Mute. Tap Mute to silence user audio.

c. Tap End Call to quit the doorbell call.

d. Tap to adjust the doorbell call audio volume level.

e. Tap Actions to interact with other devices (like smart locks, lights, panels, garage doors, access control doors) on the system.

3. Self-monitored and professionally monitored security system

Smart Signal enables you to directly communicate with the monitoring station from the mobile app during alarm or emergency events, so you can quickly cancel or verify an alarm or activate a panic signal.

Special features

Cancel and verify: You can quickly decide whether the alarm was an accident or if help is needed, allowing for faster notifications to the monitoring station. When an alarm event occurs, you will see a Cancel/Verify alarm card at the top of the home screen in the app. You can quickly scroll to review the images or videos while the alarm card remains at the top. All you need to do is hold either Cancel Alarm or Verify Alarm for three seconds to let the monitoring station know how to address the situation.

In-App Panel Panic: If you cannot make it to the panel or call 9-1-1, you can send a panic signal right from the app. You will just need to tap Panic in the Security System card, and emergency personnel will be alerted that help is needed at your home. Depending on the panel, the app supports fire, auxiliary (medical), police, and silent panics. While a keyfob only operates within a certain range of the panel, the new In-App Panel Panic feature can be activated from anywhere your smartphone has service. This means that if an emergency occurs at home and you are away, you can still press the Panic button to have help dispatched to your home immediately.

Two-Way Voice: In the event of an alarm, the voice-enabled wireless radio integrated with your security system will immediately establish a two-way voice session with the central station, all without the need for a traditional telephone connection. This enables loud and clear voice communication with your premises via the security panel speaker and microphone, allowing the operator to reliably verify and respond to an alarm.

Crash and Smash Protection: This is known in the security industry as when an intruder destroys the alarm panel while it is still in entry delay or in dialer delay mode. This was most common with panels only connected with a hard phone line. This is a concerning vulnerability because if the panel is destroyed before it initiates the alarm, it cannot transmit any signals to the monitoring station. The panel is then unable to take any action (for example, send the police). Crash and Smash protection is an exclusive that allows the transmission of a special alarm signal to the monitoring station and to you, the end-user, if an intruder destroys the panel during the panel entry delay or dialer delay.

Some advantages of Crash and Smash Protection

a. It allows the reduction of false alarms due to entry delay and dialer delay by adding additional security against the destruction of the panel.

b. It provides the user with confidence, knowing that even if the panel is destroyed, the property is secured.

c. It allows constant communication between your panel and Alarm.com NOC (Network Operations Center) during an entry delay event and dialer delay.

Dual-Path Communication: This refers to the module communicating to Alarm.com using two paths. They are cellular and broadband (Internet/Wi-Fi). A benefit of Dual-Path is redundancy so that if one path becomes unavailable, the panel can still communicate with the proper authorities over the other path. Typically, Dual-Path communication occurs either over an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to allow the module to communicate over broadband, alongside cellular communication. This means that even if a would-be burglar tries to cut the home phone or internet line, your security system is still able to properly communicate alerts and alarms to you and to the monitoring station.

4. Full Home automation all connected in one app

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can integrate into your smart home. You can take control and automate your lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, and video notifications. Our premium tier subscription also allows you to view and take control of your home energy monitoring, solar power systems, smart water meter and valves, sprinkler systems, and home audio systems.

5. Connect your car to your smart home

Connected Car allows you to track your vehicle’s location, monitor its diagnostic health, and receive alerts for speeding, towing, and more—all from a single mobile app. Plus, because the Car Connector uses a dedicated cellular connection and has a backup battery, you get 24/7 awareness, even when the car is parked and the engine is off.

Special features

Vehicle diagnostics: Maintenance alerts and real-time data in the mobile app help keep vehicles in good working order. Some of the alerts displayed include:

a. Check Engine

b. Low Battery

c. Low Fuel

Family driving: View trip recaps—see routes and gauge fuel efficiency. Monitor drivers for speeding or adjust habits to reduce wear and tear. The app also provides alerts about:

a. Excessive Speeding

b. Sudden Acceleration

c. Hard Braking

Vehicle security: It helps you protect one of your most valuable assets against theft and damage with location tracking and unexpected movement alerts. Some of the alerts include:

a. Car Location

b. Car Towed

c. Car Alert

One App for Home and Car: Connected Car integrates seamlessly with Alarm.com systems. You just plug it into your vehicle’s OBD-II port, and you’re good to go!

Pro Tip: Add the Car Connector as a geo-device to trigger lights and thermostats when you’re close to home!

How to make the most of our services?

a. Start small and decide what you want to add over time
While it is certainly fun to get a lot of new gadgets to play with, it can also be overwhelming. We recommend starting small and growing your system over time.

b. Save on homeowners insurance
Most insurers will give you a discount when you add a professionally monitored security system to your home. This can help partially, or sometimes completely, offset the cost of the service itself. Once the installation is complete, we will give you a certificate to give to your insurance company to ask about your potential savings.

c. Look for financing available
Cost can be a major factor when determining what your smart home system can do for you. We offer many different options when it comes to financing your smart home security upgrades to turn a large upfront cost into a small monthly payment.

If you are looking for a smart home automation and security system company in Omaha, NE, then reach out Omaha Security Solutions. Joe is the owner and operator of the company. I have been working in Omaha since 2016. I was attracted to this industry by the opportunity to help people prevent the financial loss and psychological trauma caused by a burglary. When me and my team visit potential customers to discuss their security needs, it doesn’t feel like we are working. It feels like we are giving them peace of mind by helping them solve an important problem.

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