Is Smarter Home Security Right For Me?

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Find out if Smarter Home Security is right for you

Whether you are gone for a few hours or away on a week-long vacation, you may often find yourself thinking about the safety of your home. Even while you are home, it can be hard not to stress over your family’s protection as they sleep. However, you can rest assured that what matters most to you will be kept safe and sound when you have a smart home security system in place. The experts at Omaha Security Solutions want to give you total control over nearly every aspect of your home. As smart home automation and security system experts, we will deliver not only excellent security but also top-of-the-line equipment to make your daily life easier with home automation.

Smarter Home Security takes your home’s alarm system and brings it to the twenty-first century. No longer tethered by communication wires, a new and updated security system should always come with a cellular communicating device. This means that even if power is lost and the phone or cable lines are cut, your security system is still going to alert the authorities about a problem at your property. The magic really begins when you start to add smart home devices to your system for total home control. These things include lights, locks, thermostats, garage door openers, and much more.

Aspects of Smarter Home Security

Security first: The system has many contingencies built into it to make sure that the proper authorities are notified of a problem.

Visual verification: Utilize indoor and outdoor door cameras as well as video doorbells to see what is happening at your property in real-time.

Full home automation: Attach smart lights, locks, thermostats, garage door openers, and much more to control your entire home from your internet-connected devices. This allows you to fully control everything with one app from anywhere in the world!

How to make the most of our security service
The biggest problem when beginning to build your smart home is getting too many items all at once. We recommend only starting with what you can handle and getting used to how it all functions together. This allows you to see a bigger picture for future additions to your smart home security system. Before starting the building process, you should ask your smart home automation and security system provider multiple questions to figure out whether you will benefit from their services. Is the hardware and software integration encrypted for security? Is there a monthly fee? What is the warranty? These are all important questions that, when answered, will help you pick out a solution that fits your budget. Our basic home security control with professional monitoring starts at $30 per month. That’s about $1 a day! The pricing increases with additional devices and services and will depend on your specific security needs.

While there are other alternatives to Smarter Home Security, they often cost a lot of money while providing less functionality. Some free alternatives are out there too, but they often do not offer the same ease of access to everything all on one platform. Our Smarter Home Security is perfect for keeping your loved ones and valuables safe and sound. If you want to invest in securing your home, work with your installation technician to set up your system for your exact needs. Log into your system daily to check the system’s health and add new functions that help your specific routine. Talk with us about other devices and what can be added to your system for even greater home control.

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