Omaha Security Solutions Sets Up Live View Camera To “Save the Bees”

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Omaha Security Solutions sets up Live View Camera to save the bees

As a leading Smart Home Automation and Security System Company in Omaha, NE, at Omaha Security Solutions, we take immense pride in what we do. Safety and security for humans as well as animals and property are our priorities and we recently had the opportunity to put this into practice.

The Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln is known for its annual Bee Keeping operation on its roof. They work with Valhalla Bee Farm to ensure that the several bee hives they have up there are safe and growing. 

Omaha Security Solutions was approached to install a camera on the roof of the hotel. We worked in collaboration with Engineered Security Solutions and Valhalla Bee Farm to complete the project for Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel.

Here is a link to a live view of the bees on the camera we set up.

Omaha Security Solutions is extremely happy to have played a part in the “Save the Bees” movement and are happy to extend similar services to other clients as well. 

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