Rhombus R2 180

All In Security as a Service
Rhombus R2 180

Rhombus R2 180

All In Security as a Service
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Capture an entire scene with 180° views

The Rhombus R2-180 delivers 180° views in a versatile mini-dome form factor. Powered by a quad-core processor, the R2-180 features full HD recording, up to 180 days of on-camera storage, and advanced edge processing for smarter object recognition. Built for versatility, the R2-180 comes standard with infrared night vision and a weatherproof design perfect for any environment.

The best in video security technology to improve physical security across all locations

  • Industry-leading, live video streams (sub-one second)
  • Open integrations with leading enterprise solutions
  • Best-in-class bandwidth footprint (as low as 10 Kbps per camera)
  • Floor plans to precisely place and view all devices
  • Offline, local area streaming via the Rhombus mobile app
  • Facial and license plate recognition with real-time alerts

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