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Drones are incredible devices that aid in search missions, delivery, and videography. However, if these unmanned aerial vehicles make their way into the wrong hands, it can lead to hacking, surveillance, and terrorism. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to use perimeter security to protect against physical intrusions and keep drones out of stadiums, airports, and critical infrastructure. As a result, handling these kinds of hi-tech security breaches is a job for professionals.

At Omaha Security Solutions, we strive to protect people, property, and other assets from bad actors with drones. Our diligent team uses binoculars to monitor drones in the sky 24/7, enabling us to locate them and their pilots, to resolve encroachments quickly.

Drone Technology

We partner with Hextronics to use their “Drone in a Box” (DiaB) solution and pair it with the advanced remote controls of the FlytNow software by FlytBase. To learn more about this technology, please click here.

We also utilize the Dedrone solution, a DroneTracker software connected to multiple radio frequency sensors that can detect and classify drone-based threats. To understand how this software works, please click here.

Paying the price

Using advanced technology to deter drones in real-time from entering high-security areas, including airspace, comes at a high cost. However, it’s a small price to pay compared to the potential damage an intrusion can create.

We hope we brought to your attention how vital drone detection and defense are for safety.

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